Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Meet Candycane, the red and white panda bear! His red mohair was hand-dyed using Rit dye in Scarlet. He has a hefty weight for one so small, just 3.75 inches. Candycane has a tattered nose for a primitive appearance. His silk satin ribbon is wintergreen, a nice green and white striped. He wears a rusty jingle bell. Candycane would make a wonderful stocking stuffer for someone. He is now on auction at eBay for the next 5 days.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Jingle All The Way!

Meet Jingle, the little red bear shown posed with Merry, his favorite gal! Jingle was hand-dyed scarlet red. He wears a Christmas green silk satin ribbon and a rusty jingle bell. Both Merry and Jingle have brand new head patterns. They both turned out so cute. Both are looking to be adopted on eBay.

The Holidays are Upon Us!

Meet Merry, my latest holiday bear. She wears a Christmas red silk satin ribbon and a red rose bow in her hair. She has a worn tattered nose for that primitive look and a traditional hump on her back. This little cutie did wonderful with her photoshoot. You can view all the other pics on eBay. I'm hoping this little gal will find a wonderful home in time for Christmas. :)

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Meet Henry, another 3.75 inch bear from Burlison Bears. This bear is really special as he is a brand-new pattern of mine. I'm trying to go for a Steiff-like appearance. He has a worn and tattered nose for a primitive look. He has a prominent hump on his back for that traditional look. He wears a rusty bucket ribbon and a rusty jingle bell. He is loosely stuffed like an antique. I'm really happy with his face. He has a very "bearish" look to him. He did a wonderful photoshoot for me, and he is currently on eBay, waiting to be adopted by that special someone.


Meet Gulliver, a beautiful teal blue bear! He is a new pattern and he has a worn and tattered nose for a primitive look. He wears a dark sapphire ribbon and a rusty jingle bell. He is on eBay now, waiting to be adopted.