Thursday, July 21, 2011

Best of the Web

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Pongo is a perfect little panda at just 3.75 inches. His mohair is a dense white and black. He has a cute wee little nose and great overall expression. He wears a silk satin ribbon called Blue Rice.


Skyrocket is a little sweetie. He was hand dyed a rich jade green. His mohair is a lot darker in person than his photos show. He has a round bearish face and a worn nose and he wears a silk satin ribbon called Wintergreen.


Rusty is hand dyed a rust red with a dark brown backing. He features a long snout and a tiny waxed nose. He wears a silk satin ribbon called Stormy Monday. As with all my recent bears he is just 3.75 inches tall.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blog Update

For those of you who have just discovered my blog I'd like to take the time to welcome you and explain what I do. My occupation is teddy bear artist. And yes, that is a real occupation! There is a whole world of artist teddy bears out there to be discovered. I encourage you to take a look at the other bear blogs I have listed so you can see the many different styles of artist teddy bears.

I make miniature mohair bears, exclusively. These tiny ones are typically less than 4 inches tall. Each bear is lovingly created with Old World components such as genuine German mohair, wool felt paw pads, cotterpin joints, perle cotton, glass eyes, excelsior and steel shot (for weight). My bears typically wear silk satin bows or rusty jingle bells. Each bear I make is one of a kind. No two are ever alike. I usually make traditional style bears because I love the look of the old Steiff bears of the early 1900s.

All of my bears are sold in auction format through eBay. I don't do commissions. I typically have at least 3 auctions going at the same time. It's real easy to find my bears. Just plug in Burlison Bears in the search engine on eBay and it will bring you right to them.

Thanks for looking...and bear hugs to all!

Hayley Eliza Burlison


Meet Harry! He is one of my new favorites! Harry has a wonderful "bearish appearance" with a soulful expression and a long snout. His mohair is a warm apricot. He wears a string of tiny rusty jingle bells. Harry is just a wee 3.75 inches. He can now be adopted through eBay. Thanks for looking!


Here is little Koda, a fuzzy gray mohair bear with a darker backing. He wears a pale blue silk satin bow. He has such a cute baby face, and he is only 3.75 inches tall. He can be adopted through eBay.


Meet Pinky, a loveable pale pink mohair bear with a tattered nose. She is lightly distressed for an old appearance. She wears a rose silk satin ribbon. She is now listed on eBay.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fourth of July!

Meet my latest bears...celebrating the Fourth of July! The red bear is Firecracker, and he was hand-dyed. He wears a sapphire silk satin bow to match the color of his paw pads.

Liberty is all white and wears a red, white, and blue ribbon.

Rocket is quite unusual. He has white and blue mohair and red paw pads.

Amerigo is a traditional brown bear, sporting a ruby red ribbon.

I hope everyone has had a happy July 4th!