Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Going Big??

What's this? Could I really be making a big Burlison Bear!? Looks like a 12 incher, in fact! Hmm...am I really breaking out of my "miniature comfort zone"? We'll see...stay tuned for future developments!

Purple Primitive Pachyderm!

Well I couldn't resist using up the rest of that luxurious purple mohair...and so I created a little purple primitive pachyderm! Isn't she sweet? Her name is Persephone and I just listed her on eBay. My favorite shot of her is the tush shot, where she stomps off swishing her little leather cord tail!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Reason for my Bear Sales!

Here is the reason for my huge sale of the past few weeks. I've been saving up for a new puppy for the summer...and here he is...meet my collie puppy! We've named him Brisby. He's on a farm in Kansas right now, waiting to get a little older. When he's eight weeks he'll be coming to join our family! We already have an 8 year old collie named Banny and a 22 year old cat named Ginger! I can't wait for Brisby to arrive! Isn't he a sweetie? :)

Took the Plunge!

Well, I finally took the plunge and have created a blog, thanks to the persuasion of some of my peers in the teddy bear artist world! Didn't think I'd ever do it, but here I am!
I've been pretty busy here lately having a huge Burlison Bears sale of homeless bears of mine from the past couple years. Sold 19 in the last few weeks...whew! Plus I've had some new little critters up for adoption, Easter ones and spring in general. I have two on eBay right now, needing a forever home.
This is Pansy, and she's my first purple bear in all these years! I went for a bolder look. She's hand-dyed a rich deep purple. I let the mohair soak in a bucket for a good long while until I achieved this delicious grape color! Pansy is distressed to look antique.
Also on eBay right now is Chocolate Bunny. He didn't find a home in time for Easter, but he will look just as good sitting around your home year long, (and I'm sure) causing mischief year long too!