Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Reason for my Bear Sales!

Here is the reason for my huge sale of the past few weeks. I've been saving up for a new puppy for the summer...and here he is...meet my collie puppy! We've named him Brisby. He's on a farm in Kansas right now, waiting to get a little older. When he's eight weeks he'll be coming to join our family! We already have an 8 year old collie named Banny and a 22 year old cat named Ginger! I can't wait for Brisby to arrive! Isn't he a sweetie? :)


  1. Brisby is so cute and I love his name! I'm sure you are very excited! So glad you've joined the blogging world! I do well at it for a while then forget! LOL! Any plans for a visit to Maine this summer? July 11th perhaps? (wink, wink) It would be wonderful to see you again! Congrats on your bear sale and your new pup!! Hugs, Daphne

  2. Hi Eliza, Congratulations on leaping in and starting a blog, and I look forward to keeping up with all your posts (that is a bit of a joke as I normally get so far behind with everything!!). Little Brisby looks just the cutest little bundle ever. I bet you are so anxious to bring him home. I love your bears and vintage style.
    Christine. xxx

  3. Your little Brisby looks absolutely adorable....I'm sure he'll give you heaps of love and fun :O)
    Congrats on your new blog too, it's looking fab :O)


  4. Ahhh, there he is, he is sooo cute!!! Congratulations on your new bundle of joy :) XX Sarah