Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Took the Plunge!

Well, I finally took the plunge and have created a blog, thanks to the persuasion of some of my peers in the teddy bear artist world! Didn't think I'd ever do it, but here I am!
I've been pretty busy here lately having a huge Burlison Bears sale of homeless bears of mine from the past couple years. Sold 19 in the last few weeks...whew! Plus I've had some new little critters up for adoption, Easter ones and spring in general. I have two on eBay right now, needing a forever home.
This is Pansy, and she's my first purple bear in all these years! I went for a bolder look. She's hand-dyed a rich deep purple. I let the mohair soak in a bucket for a good long while until I achieved this delicious grape color! Pansy is distressed to look antique.
Also on eBay right now is Chocolate Bunny. He didn't find a home in time for Easter, but he will look just as good sitting around your home year long, (and I'm sure) causing mischief year long too!


  1. Hi Eliza!
    Nice blog!! I'm trying to get one up and running too but I find it very difficult to understand! I too am not computer savvy and have only mastered eBay.
    Love your puppy! We have a 6 year old Sheltie named Spirit. He's a very smart dog!! He's actually my daughters dog. He was gift for her 15th birthday. Such a sweet dog. My sister raised Collies for many years. She had a beautiful white Collie that was her pride and joy. I think they are one of the smartest breeds around.
    Good luck to you with your new puppy and I look forward to seeing more pictures.
    Bear Hugs,
    Cyndee (Bubble Up Bears)

  2. Hi Eliza!I am thrilled to see you took the plunge and started your blog.It isn't too diffucult with the easy to use gadgets.You will be a pro in no time hehe.It's wonderful to see your new puppie~~~I'm sooo happy for you!Biggest bear hugs~~~Sharie SReetzBears

  3. I adore Pansy, her colour is just gorgeous and I do love an old looking bear.
    PS Welcome to the world of blogging hehe!

  4. So, you are just a newbie to blogland. Welcome! It's fun; I've been doing it for years. Some good bear blogs to check out are peng-pengs and jennifer murphy's. A google search will help u find them.