Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Finally Finished!

Well, here he is...finally! This took awhile, and even longer since I was out of town for two weeks, but here is the first BIG Burlison Bear! Meet Puppet! He's a very slumpy antiqued whimsical bear. And a whopping 14 incher! That's a huge difference from my typical 4 inch miniatures! I have to give applause to all the bear artists out there who do these big fellows on a regular basis, especially the ones that only handsew like me. Whew! Lot of time and patience involved! But worth it in the end. I really love how Puppet turned out. He's loosely jointed and frumpy/slumpy. He will look so cute slumped in an old rocker or in a primitive cupboard. Puppet is the exact same design as my miniature whimsical bears, just enlarged considerably! He's a sweetheart too...I took the liberty of cuddling with him last night in bed! :) Wouldn't you?

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